17x22/300dpi: Digital: 2014
©Todd Lockwood & Lee Moyer

In 2014, my friend Jon Schindehette opened an invitation on his Art Order blog to all artists in honor of Jeff Easley for thirty-some years of outstanding art. I saw it as an opportunity to do two things: collaborate with my buddy Lee Moyer on two pieces of art (this one and Tiamat, also on this site), and to correct what I felt was a wrong done to the dragons of D&D— I’d always been unhappy that Wizards of the Coast didn’t let Sam Wood and me finish the pantheon of dragons for 3rd Edition by designing the Platinum King of Dragons. This is Bahamut as I would have designed him if they’d given me the chance. I drew him, Lee colored my drawing, then I gave him a final pass. I think he’s appropriately regal. What do you think?

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