In the past, I've offered mentorship through both the SmArt School online program and the Illustration Master Class. Both experiences have proved worthwhile not just for me as a teacher but I've had the unique opportunity to watch my students grow into professionals in their own right. 

As amazing as these opportunities are, I was once a beginning artist myself and understand that the tuition costs can be an impassable wall to some. I've always tried to be open and offer what help I could to any young artist that needed it, and in that spirit I'd like to offer one-on-one teaching via Skype at a more affordable cost.

I now offer aspiring artists mentoring sessions at the rate of $125 per session. A session will typically be an hour, though it could run a little long.  You needn't commit to an extensive multi-week plan; buy a single session if all you need is a critique and some insights. But longer plans are available.

If you're interested, hit the buttons to the right and I'll be in touch. If you have any questions feel free to email me to make sure the program would be right for you.

As this is a preliminary trial of the program, I'll only be offering the opportunity to one student right now.