18x24: Oils: 1999
Original: In the collection of Bruno Van Spreybock
©Wizards of the Coast

The RPGA (Role Playing Gamers Association) at Wizards put out a product in '99, called TSR Jam that included an adventure from each of its game worlds. The art order called for a representative character for each world. I thought it would be fun to use characters from the Wizards Art and Cartography Departments as models:

Illustrator Fred Fields as Mordenkainen, from Greyhawk.
One of the Temps as the Tiefling from Planescape.
Cartographer Dennis Kauth as Elminster, from the Forgotten Realms.
Todd Lockwood (me) as Raistlin from Dragonlance.
Artist Sam Wood as a Space Trooper from the Alternity Game Setting.
Head Cartographer Rob Lazaretti as the vampire Strahd from Ravenloft

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